What's My Watersound Home Worth? 

Our current real estate market in Watersound and Watercolor Florida is strong and healthy.  When your property is priced correctly you should be getting an offer in a short amount of time.

The biggest roadblock to selling your home in Watersound and Watercolor is not pricing your home at market value.

Many sellers like to test the market with a higher asking price than what the market will bear.

This is a big mistake and I highly advise for you not to make this mistake because it most often results in losing out on more money because your property will sit on the market and get stale.

When a listing gets stale, the buyers think something is wrong with your property. Their agents think so too and will tell their buyers the price is too high. It is important for you to get a realistic and data driven current market value on your property.

There are several instant home value websites on the internet but those home value websites do not send someone over to look at your home in an instant to get you that evaluation. A computer program can not see nor feel your surroundings, your upgrades, your location as it pertains to important landmarks and locations.

Fill out this form below to let me know when you are thinking about putting your Watersound or Watercolor home on the market. I will make an appointment to come and see your property.

From there I will take my findings and along with my experience in estimating values, I will get you the home value report that is market driven.

This will be a much better indicator of pricing than some instant home valuation website that is grabbing data from the tax appraiser public sites without any knowledge of our area. 

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